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About Robbie Leininger - Owner of Bright Smile Boutique

Robbie Leininger photographed with her daughter Danielle, is the owner of Bright Smile Boutique located in Charlotte, North Carolina where they encourage their clients to “show the world your best self.”

"The most enjoyable part of our job is seeing our clients SMILE! Our product and equipment is the real deal. Our client's teeth are 10 or more shades whiter at the end of their 1 hour session and their teeth will continue to whiten over the next 24 hours. Many clients tell us they have sensitive teeth which has prevented them from achieving the shade they want to reach. Our process not only works but causes little-to-no sensitivity, which we can both attest to as we have sensitive teeth. A bright, white smile gives you a confidence upgrade, makes you feel good and easily becomes part of your anti-aging wellness routine."

Robbie has worked in business administration and operations management, always striving to exceed her employer and customer’s expectations. Robbie has also held the position of office supervisor with a level 1 trauma hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. Certified as an EMT and CMA, Robbie supported multiple physicians in dermatology and plastic surgery where their goal was to help ensure their patients health and offer opportunities to feel more confident through aesthetic dermatology. Danielle is currently in Columbus, Ohio completing a degree in Bachelor of Science in Education.

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