Pre-visit Instructions

Before your cosmetic teeth whitening session, the focus is on protecting your teeth and gums from the possibility of post-treatment sensitivity. The night before and the morning of your session it is recommended that you brush your teeth very gently, avoiding your gum line as much as possible to prevent abrasions. Do not floss. There is no need to restrict food or drink before your session. We recommend our clients see their dentist regularly to make sure their teeth and gums are healthy and they are a good candidate for teeth whitening.

Post-visit Instructions

After your cosmetic teeth whitening session, your teeth will continue to whiten over the next 24 hours. The whitening process has opened the pores of your teeth making them susceptible to restaining. Your saliva will naturally remineralize your teeth, closing the pores. For 1 hour after your session only drink water. For the next 24 hours it is important that you avoid food and drink that would stain a white shirt. Do not use nicotine. For a few days after your whitening session, brush your teeth gently with white toothpaste.

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