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Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Mount Pleasant, SC

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Our unique teeth whitening process is:


Our cosmetic teeth whitening process uses dental grade hydrogen peroxide gel to whiten your teeth safely, quickly and with maximum results. Our special teeth whitening accelerator light speeds up the whitening process providing optimal results in minimal time.


Our proprietary teeth whitening gel has been proven to whiten as well as other professional dental whiteners with little-to-no sensitivity. Our gels are strong enough to deliver the results our clients desire and gentle enough to provide a relaxing teeth whitening experience in a salon setting.


Our food grade, peroxide-based teeth whitening gels are made of the highest quality in the USA, with temperature controlled storage and are FDA-regulated and approved. Our light uses very powerful Cool-Light-Technology LEDs which is extremely safe, emitting no hazardous Ultraviolet or heat-producing Infrared wavelengths.

See the Difference

Before Teeth Whitening 1
After Teeth Whitening 1

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